Killen Falls

Killen Falls

Killen Falls are near Byron Bay – another lovely part of the world within a drive from Brisbane..

This shot was taken late in the day, with the sun coming from upstream – to the left of the image. In the mornings I imagine the sun would fall directly on the falls. The creek continues downstream in the far left of the frame.

This shot is a composite of several shots taken from underneath the overhang. The ground here was quite wet and slippery and the sun was setting,  so I did not try to get over there. I wanted to because looking down the creek may have been a nice composition.

  • camera: Nikon D7100
  • shutter: 1/6 sec
  • aperture: f4.2
  • ISO: 640
  • focal length: 11 mm
  • editing: Photoshop


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