Landscapes relearned

Landscapes relearned

Red Hot Pokers

On the other day with Robert Billington we looked at ways of capturing the landscape.  Again, Robert likes to use a slowish ISO to get a smooth finished texture.

This is one of his:

billington burning stump


So, we went out – in the rain! – to look for “atmosphere”. We certainly found it overlooking Bowral as more rain came in:


This is a panorama made up of about seven exposures – Photoshop is a magical tool!

As you can see, We looked for images that would work in black and white.


Back in the studio, we played around with sepia toning and selective colouring:




Red Hot Pokers

In this last one I saturated the reds and yellows and DEsaturated all the other colours, and darkened the top to add some framing effect, rather than leave a bland white sky.

So, what did I learn on this day?

  • Don’t be afraid of black and white
  • Use a slow ISO for a fine texture
  • Use a slow shutter speed to emphasise movement – don’t be afraid of blurriness.
  • Dull overcast days can present lovely soft light for atmospheric landscapes, you just have to choose your subjects carefully and work with the light

Thanks again, Robert!


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